The innovative booking technology


that changes the way people work


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Save Money and Improve Standards

Fair pricing, safeguarding and standardisation


Save Time and Stress

Take away all the cold calls and emails

Centralise your Process

Work as one employer, communicate through our internal instant messenger and share best practice among all schools

Collect Data

Will give you the quantitative understanding that will continually drive improvement

Premier MAT Partners

MAT Approved Agencies

Badge of Honour and Win New Business

Be part of an elite group of high performing agencies. Use the technology to win new business.


Attract Teachers

Our rewards system for good performance drives teachers to MAT Approved Agencies.

Understand the Future through Data Patterns

Data patterns that help you understand the market and increase your revenue.

Better Working Relationships with MAT Partners

You will be working with groups of schools which creates multiple opportunities to work with new ones.

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No Hassle

One app, one place for new jobs from all your registered Agencies.


Informed Choice

Review the job details and location or look at a different job instead.


Badges, points, and rewards for everyday performance.


The Supply Clouds map functionality shows you the best route to go to the school.

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What the teachers, schools and agencies have got to say

I implemented Supply Clouds to help drive efficiencies for our academies whilst maintaining high standards of compliance screening, and raising levels of professional conduct from approved agencies. The value Supply Clouds brings is in the ability to enhance academy engagement with selected agencies, and utilise a robust, compliant process of communication and handling of candidate documentation.

In streamlining the booking process, we have achieved an effective, transparent working relationship with agencies where the academy has autonomy to work with who it chooses, whilst capitalising on time savings and reducing administrative burdens. As a three way platform designed for agencies, the benefits can be seen by academies, agencies and teachers, and can be attributed to an innovative, cost effective piece of technology from Supply Clouds.

Harry Bond

Head of Recruitment and Talent Management, Harris Federation

The London Teaching Pool has been closely associated with Supply Clouds since its inception over 2 years ago and is now one of its main suppliers. We are absolutely convinced that its format and up to date technology have made a hugely positive impact on our business in terms of new business, enhanced client relationships and profitability.

Working with Supply Clouds is efficient, trouble free and straight forward. We will continue to utilise the service, helping us to build and maintain our mutually beneficial relationships with both clients and our candidates.

Being a successful partner of Supply Clouds is without doubt a very valuable asset to TLTP.

Scott Simmons

Director, TLTP Education

The response we got from our staff, who deal with day-to-day and long-term recruitment at our schools, showcases that Supply Clouds is the future of education recruitment.

Katy Bradford

COO, Outwood Grange Academies Trust

The software is extremely easy to use, with a clear layout. The platform gives you the ability to set all needed parameters precisely, and when the agencies respond, you can easily choose the teacher of your preference, with clear pricing for comparison and downloadable CVs before choosing.

You can easily see all live and completed jobs, and booking in advance is made very easy, without having to be on the phone at all. As a bonus, the map function is very useful for getting an understanding of the time the teachers are expected to the school.

Jayne Reeve

Cover Manager, Samuel Whitbread Academy

I’ve been using the Supply Clouds app for 3 months now. I have had excellent support whenever I needed it and I can say that the app has greatly improved my day-to-day experience as a supply teacher. I can see the suggested assignments in the morning as notifications on my phone, with all the information regarding the school, time, and days of work. Really useful has been the navigation map included in the app, as it gives me straight away the fastest route to the school, without me having to manually enter addresses and open more apps. I can safely say that Supply Clouds has been the technological development that was needed to simplify the process and support supply teachers in their work.

Katerina Hatzistratidi

Supply Teacher

I see Supply Clouds as the future for day to day and long term cover. Relationships with suppliers need to be based on quantitative output and they have been driving pricing for too long. Supply Clouds way of standardising our approach to collecting this sort of data will allow schools regain the initiative and alter the market place.

Gordon Cuttler

Recruitment Lead, GLF School

Having worked with, and been pitched, a variety of platforms, I can happily recommend Supply Clouds as a simple, functional booking system.

Supply Clouds allows agencies and schools to streamline the booking process; whilst offering more choice, reporting options and transparency.

Jon and his team are always available to provide clear support; taking user feedback on-board to constantly improve functionality.

Jane Salisbury BSc PGCE

Strategy Education

After meeting Jonathan over 2 years ago in the early days of Supply Clouds, it’s fantastic to see how far the product has come, and Uniform Education are proud to be working alongside Supply Clouds as one of their preferred agencies in the South East.

I can highly recommend the Supply Clouds booking system/online application to candidates and MATS wanting to use a simple to use online platform.

The booking process is very straightforward from an agency point of view, and on the rare occasion a minor problem does arise, Jonathan, Markos and his team are always on hand to offer a solution.

Thank you for the invitation and opportunity you gave us, and we look forward to continuing a long lasting working partnership.

David Owen

Director, Uniform Education

In an age where technology plays a massive role in transforming all aspects of business and everyday life, working with Supply Clouds is the way forward.

Here at ITN Mark, we have been approached by other technology platforms, but the simple interface of the Supply Clouds has been superior. It allows for closer relationships with Multi Academy Trusts, reporting tools and a streamlined process for both agencies and schools. It is a very efficient platform, that allows us to save time and drive new business working closely with schools, while our candidates love the Supply Clouds mobile app, with the integrated navigation apps and the notification mechanism.

ITN Mark looks forward to continuing this partnership that drives transparency, profitability, and a new approach in the recruitment business.

Huw Jones

Operation Director, ITN Mark

I would like to feedback how great I think Supply Clouds is. I think it’s so much easier and much better for the school being able to read through CVs and pick the best suited supply teachers.

Rachel Sandham

Cover coordinator/supervisor, Outwood Academy Freeston