1. Use Staff Booker to share both safeguarding and COVID-19 safety practices. This will give confidence to prospective candidates and will help agencies with their submissions.
  2. Know that self-isolating staff members will be away from school for 2 weeks. Use Staff Booker to secure a candidate for that period and maintain the high educational standards the Trust expects.
  3. Run weekly spend reports to keep SLT updated on resource trends and costs. Providing a weekly update can alert your team to any wider impacts and in turn can make you aware of extra support.
  4. Identify internal availability as a solution to emergency supply as a way to minimise costs and disruption to education.
  5. Use the Staff Booker Messenger service to send a weekly alert to the MAT- approved agencies, keeping them updated about how COVID-19 is impacting on your school. They can use this information to ensure all Teacher Profiles are up to date and ready to send should the need arise.

If you’re not already using Staff Booker from Supply Clouds, get in touch and we’ll be happy demonstrate how your school can benefit and make savings as well improve efficiencies in resourcing.

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