About Supply Clouds

Our primary goal is to help Supply Teachers, Schools and Agencies have a better experience. Each part of the journey currently has some rough edges, and we want to give every party involved a smooth ride.

Through the Supply Clouds technology we offer one point of contact for each School, Agency and Teacher to communicate with each other.

Schools have a simple and effective way of filling jobs and working with their Agencies. Agencies can communicate with their Schools and Candidates using a single Supply Clouds platform. Teachers can select jobs they want and get to their Schools easily and on time.

Supply Clouds puts smiles on faces with amazing results!


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Why Supply Clouds?

We have done our research. Supply Clouds care about Education and delivering the best deal for Schools and Teachers and the Agencies that support them. Supply Clouds works for all educational organisations from Primary and Secondary to Tertiary level. We believe the process of supplying good teachers to educational institutions should be as transparent as possible. This builds trust on all sides of the spectrum.

Our founder knows the supply industry all too well, having seven years’ experience as a supply teacher. Jon understands what supply teachers go through to find a job and get there on time! In order to understand the challenges within the industry Supply Clouds interviewed over 50 Schools, Agencies and Teachers to fully grasp how we could help. Jon created Supply Clouds to eliminate the stresses and pains that he recognised from this research.

Our Partners

We are proud of our Agency partners. If you are a School or a Teacher, looking for a premium Agency to work with, please get in touch and we will be happy to put you in touch.