Case Study

MAT: GLF Schools
Project Manager: Gordon Cutter
Position: Recruitment Leader


Will Supply Clouds make the supply process easier?

Supply Clouds will make the supply process more efficient, as it will bring standardisation across our schools. As the MAT grows, the ability to understand each school’s supply needs has become almost impossible. Supply Clouds is a technology product that will provide us with the facility to understand, which suppliers our schools are using, how much they are spending with each of them and predict key pressure point during the year. This will  allows us to be in the situation of ensuring the best suppliers are getting the most work and at a fair price. This is something we could not do before Supply Clouds.

What improvement in efficiency will schools benefit from?

Supply Clouds will relieve stress at a busy time for our schools.
The platform takes away the need to phone or the email agencies, our schools will simply use the Supply Clouds platform to book cover form one of the preferred agencies – all at a click of a mouse! A particularly attractive feature is the real-time tracking of teacher journeys to schools. Not knowing when the teacher is going to arrive and if they are going to be late is a core issue that creates wasted time and unwanted stress; this takes that away. Supply Clouds is free to use, creates an opportunity of reducing the number of agencies used, which will drive down costs and raise quality.

How does Supply Clouds strengthen the relationships with suppliers?

Supply Clouds provides a layer of technology that can be used to determine the best agencies by price and the ability to deliver.  Fewer agencies will mean a higher spend per agency, which will provide schools will have a strong voice when building their relationships with agencies, driving down price and quality up.

What improvements in strategies and standards are expected?

By using Supply Clouds the MAT will be able to track and see usage across all of its schools. Centralised data offers the opportunity to share the best practice, predict usage over time and consider strategies to reduce costs for schools.

In what ways do you expect to have greater control over the supply process?

The fundamental, from my perspective, is the ability to verify every school will follow a standardised approach to using supply staff. I particularly like the way the cover manager still have the ability to select an agency from a preferred supplier list, creating an environment that encourages the best quantitative output to get the best results.

Would you recommend Supply Clouds and if so why?

Supply Clouds has been built by listening to schools and addresses their needs. It has focused the MAT on the cost and quality of supply teachers, as well as the quantity of agencies being used. In turn, this has led to all a conversation with all our agencies to establish a preferred supplier list and a consistency of approach to supply. Everyone in the process wins!
I would absolutely recommend Supply Clouds, it has created a tool free for schools that will improve the standards of supply whilst saving the schools money.

What do you think the future of recruitment will become for schools?

I see Supply Clouds as the future for day to day and long term cover. Relationships with suppliers need to be based on quantitative output and they have been driving pricing for too long. Supply Clouds way of standardising our approach to collecting this sort of data will allow schools regain the initiative and alter the market place.