Supply teachers. They are the wonderful individuals that arrive at the school whenever needed, ready to save the day. They cover emergency sickness, maternity leaves, and scheduled absences.

How much is the cost of supply teachers?

The fee the school pays for a supply teacher includes the teacher’s rate, the agency margin and, of course, VAT. The amounts vary depending on the geographical area, as someone working in London will be paid at a different rate than a teacher in Cornwall. Also, the type of cover needed can influence the rate, as specialist teachers are commonly more expensive than general cover personnel. The agency margins, that can be set freely, create differences in pricing from one agency to the other. So how can you monitor what your school is paying for supply?

Use of technology

So far, Education is one of the slowest sectors in adapting technology, but that doesn’t mean that schools must be left in the dark when it comes to spending. With the use of the Supply Clouds booking technology, schools have a reporting mechanism that allows anyone using it to have a clear picture of the supply-related costs and compare it with historical data.

This becomes even more useful in Multi Academy Trusts, where it is much harder to monitor and follow the expenditure of each Academy. The reporting suits provided with Supply Clouds allow the executive team to centrally monitor the spending of each school, to compare the amounts spent between different quarters and different Academies, and to even get a better understanding of the pricing the agencies charge the schools, with the average cost of teachers per agency displayed.

Peace of mind

In a time where funding gets squeezed all the time and the call for accountability becomes more and more widespread, the first thing a school must do is get a clear understanding of the costs paid. With the use of the Supply Clouds booking technology, any school or MAT instantly has clarity of how much is being spent on supply. This extremely useful tool will allow MAT’s to centrally monitor the supply expenditure in each school and, on top of that, it is completely free to use.

When you know how much you spend and where then you can act and save.

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