phoneHow frustrating must it be to get to work early in the morning only to find out that there are teachers to cover. The minutes are passing and the window to find cover is becoming smaller and smaller. You only have time to call one agency. Maybe two, if you are quick enough. Even speaking with your preferred agency can be difficult, as the singular communication through the phone can be time-consuming at a time where the need is the greatest. You need some clarity of choice and peace of mind in the morning. You need a more efficient method.

Technology is here to help

The use of technology can greatly improve your early morning experience at school. You will not have to take or make singular calls and spend a lot of time talking with lots of people. When posting a job using the Supply Clouds booking technology, you communicate the vacancy to all MAT Approved Agencies at the same time, with just the click of a button.

They will send you their suggested teachers, based on your preferences. You can be sure of fair pricing and safeguarding, and you will select the one teacher you deem most suitable for the vacancy. You can even track the teachers’ advance to the school, knowing straight away if they are going to be on time or if they are running late. In addition, you won’t have to spend time on the phone…

Feel less stressed

Here is the system that will massively help you doing your job in much less time and with greater clarity. Forget the stress of calling while the minutes tick toward an unforgiving deadline. Post your job to all MAT approved agencies, receive quality teachers and select whom you want, with free time to attend to your other duties. Or prepare that cup of tea…

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