Information 2019 New Year's Day Year BusinessChange, whether perceived good or bad, can be a challenge. However, in an increasingly financially disconcerting climate, we must find ways to not just save money, but increase efficiencies in everything we do; including relationship building techniques with schools and MATS.

As an educational recruitment agency, you will know that relationships are key. You want to understand the needs of the schools and MATS you work with and want to develop your own personal relationships with them. However, with traditional means of networking diminishing, it is time to put the phone down and embrace emerging technology to connect with the new wave of teachers, MATS and schools.

With the Supply Clouds booking technology, not only can you see when your schools are more likely to recruit through data patterns, but you will also be part of an elite group of MAT approved agencies, attracting more teachers, saving time, and using technology to bring best value to the schools you work with.

So, why not make your new year’s resolution to start using the Supply Clouds booking technology; embracing the new wave of teachers, technology and innovation.

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