Year after year, issues that were never in the spotlight have started to be recognised as an important element of wellbeing, issues that influence our quality of life. Stress and anxiety are 2 of the most common and widespread threats to what we have come to call ‘Mental Health’, and it is important to do everything possible to eliminate exposal to stressful conditions in the workplace, both for us and for every other employee.

Being a cover supervisor is stressful by design, one might say. You are dealing with emergency absences and have a limited amount of time until you find replacements for the classrooms. And not just any replacements, but teachers that have been cleared for all safeguarding checks. And have the qualification to teach the needed subject. And have the classroom management skills needed. And who will be at the school on time. All those, under a tight budget. Are you stressed yet?

A situation like this occurs every day for the cover supervisors and guarantees that rarely mornings can be peaceful. Even if you have a good agency connection that steadily provides you with supply teachers, you can’t relax as you don’t know if they will be there on time. You can’t even be sure that there will be any teacher available for you on that day.

This situation can improve a lot just by introducing technology into the equation. The Supply Clouds free for the schools booking technology gives more control to the cover supervisors. Inviting multiple MAT approved agencies at once allows for bigger confidence about finding an available cover teacher. The MAT approved agencies are selected for fair pricing and their safeguarding standards, that the cover supervisor can review at the point of purchase on every teacher. As for the teacher being at school on time, the map function allows for immediate information regarding the teacher’s ETA and if they will be on time.

Knowledge and control. 2 key elements that oppose guessing, surprise, and ignorance. And when you have both knowledge and control of a situation, you don’t leave any room for stress to creep in and negatively influence your wellbeing. We all spend more time at work than we do at home, and even if we can’t get rid of stressful situations altogether, we can certainly introduce elements that have a positive effect on our quality of life and an improvement of our mental health.

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