Being a teacher in general, either in a permanent placement or working as a supply teacher, is very rewarding job. Seeing children evolve in their learning and capabilities and playing an important part in helping to shape their future. Sometimes a bond is created between teacher and student that could last for many years, maybe even forever. But this line of work is also very demanding, as you all may already know. Challenges seem to be lurking behind every corner, and the life of a teacher is never easy. I would like to talk a little bit about those challenges, dealing with some different aspects that need our caution and attention from time to time. For the first part, I would like to focus to the challenges that relate with one’s self, that are personal and concern only the person facing them.

A teacher must be a motivator. They have to always try and inspire the young minds, so they would want to learn, to progress and evolve. Now, while that faces a challenge, my main concern here is how teachers can accomplish to keep motivating themselves. It is foremost important to be able to wake up every day feeling motivated and enthusiastic for the day ahead of you. It is needed, as that is the way to transmit a similar kind to mentality to the students.

But not every day feels great. Issues in your personal life can affect your mood. Adverse weather. Sometimes you have in the classroom children that do not like you no matter what, causing maybe behavioral problems. Maybe you are just moody. Nonetheless, because of your role, you have to maintain a positive image and an enthusiastic attitude when you arrive in the classroom…

Perhaps at the end of the day, you are disappointed, thinking of the volume of your workload. You forget about the many rewarding moments and start thinking that your job maybe is not what you want to do anymore, that the parents seem aggressive, the school staff feels unfriendly and the head teachers appear too demanding. You must then have the ability to recognize when you start thinking that way and find the root cause. You already know you love teaching, otherwise you would have chosen a different profession.

I do not have any advice for you. Everyone has a different method of motivating themselves, keeping enthusiastic and generally maintaining their mental health, in order to deliver their important mission in life. But I’m sure that a lot of you have helpful tips or methods that keep you at your best. How do you tackle all those challenges to your mental well-being? How do you ensure that no matter what’s on your mind, you will remain able to complete your daily endeavor?