Staff Booker is your gateway to revenue growth with the elite Multi Academy Trusts in the UK.

Expand your recruitment opportunities and develop profitable relationships with both Trusts and their Academies.

We have only been on Supply Clouds for 2 weeks, and we have already won our first booking with a new school. I love it! What was even more encouraging was the selection wasn’t driven by cost but ensuring that we get the correct individual in the right post. We have now built a relationship with a new school whilst ensuring that our success is shared across the whole MAT. I highly recommend Supply Clouds.

Helen Goddard
Resourcing Manager, School ICT Services Ltd

Managed service

With Staff Booker Agencies can continue to facilitate strong relationships with Academies and Multi Academy Trusts, understanding their resourcing needs and build a successful business.

Take the platform to any Academy or Trust and become a preferred supplier or a managed service provider for all their temporary staffing needs.

Use Staff Booker to win new business and maximise your revenue potential.

Teacher app

Staff Booker is the only recruitment 3-way platform to embrace the Agency/Teacher relationship and Multi Academy Trusts.

The Staff Booker App allows teachers to set their availability enabling Agencies to put forward viable candidates.

Our unique rewards programme for Teachers can not only help you to attract new candidates to your agency and increase the loyalty of your existing ones, but also provides confidence to the MATs when selecting candidates.

Video technology

Help your candidates to stand out in this highly competitive market with the Staff Booker video technology.

Videos can help raise teacher profiles and strengthen their application to become more successful in school placements.

And successful placements equals greater revenue opportunities for your Agency.

Staff Booker Messenger service

Keep recruitment conversations with Academies and Teachers direct and relevant through the Staff Booker Messenger service.

Build a close relationship with the schools by having real-time communication.

Get clarification on any aspects of the booking straight away, saving valuable time, and ensure you submit the right candidate every time, thus increasing your bookings.

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