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In today’s increasingly competitive climate, finding the right candidates can be costly. You want all your schools to be performing at their very best – extending beyond simply finding the right teachers. You need to be confident that you have balanced the right recruitment choices across the Trust with available budgets.

Staff Booker has the capability to raise the educational standards across your Trust, ensuring you have the very best educators on board – teachers who can inspire and perform whether they are permanent, temporary or have been hired as emergency supply.


Your first step to innovative resourcing

Staff Booker is the first resourcing package to bring schools, agencies and teachers together, whether they are in school, the office or out and about. 

Staff Booker is challenging the traditional behaviour of recruitment and creating a competitive and accessible marketplace for schools to resource their teaching needs. With the need to demonstrate efficiencies without compromise, Staff Booker delivers in the most transparent way.

One system – connecting everyone, delivering excellence and without any compromise to educational standards.

Improving efficiencies in resourcing

Resourcing can be stressful and challenging, especially for emergency supply cover.

The Staff Booker phone app enables a 2-click approach to resourcing with your emergency supply role posted to all approved agencies in less than 10 seconds. No more waiting for agencies to be in the office to answer your call – set your preferences and let Staff Booker make recommendations as to the best teacher for you.

Upload your Safeguarding practices and other useful information for visiting teachers, allowing them to go straight to class, prepped and ready to educate.

All of this, ten times quicker than a phone call or text message.


The key to building profitable relationships

We understand that having personal contact with our suppliers is key to receiving great service.

Staff Booker has been developed to support communication between Schools, Agencies and Teachers with its unique Messenger service ensuring everyone stays connected. Keep in contact with Agencies in a relevant and timely manner.

No constant interruption of incoming phone calls or emails with irrelevant candidate pitches or promises!

Working collaboratively to raise standards

We know that great teachers inspire when they educate. Whether you are looking for emergency supply, temporary or permanent positions, you want to be confident the provision of education is at the highest level.

Staff Booker provides total transparency and accountability, your candidate selection can be made quickly and within budget. Between your school and the approved Agencies, you can develop a greater understanding of educational priorities and teacher supply.

Staff Booker provides you with clear metrics of previous performance by candidates, in addition with working with MAT-Approved Agencies, you can make an informed and confident decision when assigning candidates for your advertised roles.

Staff Booker is a behavioural shift in the way schools and in particular, Multi Academy Trusts, resource for their roles. The Messenger service allows all schools within the Trust to share best practice in finding candidates who meet the principles of the Trust.

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