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Multi Academy Trusts are moving away from the traditional methods of recruiting teachers. Flexible working along with becoming more financially accountable to Trustees places additional pressure on cover managers to recruit efficiently and with less stress.

Simply put – schools are looking at recruitment in a different way.

Staff Booker now operates in 20 Multi Academy Trusts, comprising 300 schools across the UK, allowing them to manage all their recruitment through an Approved Agency network – agencies that have seen their revenue opportunities grow as a result.


Simple pricing guaranteed to help you drive revenues

Staff Booker operates with just 2 costs:

  1. An initial set-up fee
  2. A monthly subscription fee per office location*

Unlike other system providers, the Staff Booker pricing structure allows usage for unlimited users ‘per office’ location. Your whole team can have access and identify recruitment opportunities daily, boosting the success of your Agency and helping to raise your profile amongst the competition.

Grow your Agency with effortless integration

There is a behavioral shift in the way schools are recruiting for emergency and permanent teachers – they are looking for efficiency and transparency as well as high standards. Staff Booker is providing schools with all of this (and more).

By using Staff Booker within your Agency, you can be part of this cultural change.

Staff Booker has the functionality to integrate with all systems effortlessly and with full support from our own technical team. Within a couple of hours you could be identifying new opportunities that benefit everyone.


Your introduction to accessing a wider marketplace

We know you have a great network of schools at your fingertips. Watch this network grow when you use Staff Booker.

Take your Agency from a reactive and manual recruitment approach to a proactive, data driven model offering you the chance to make a difference to ROI.

As an Approved Agency with Staff Booker, you will have access to ALL schools within ALL MATs also using Staff Booker, within your office area, proactively responding to job postings across those MATs daily.

Recognising that personal relationships still matter

Systems are no substitute for personal contact. 

Staff Booker is the conduit to helping your Agency to make personal connections and build successful relationships with a wider network of MATs and Teachers.

Use Staff Booker to support your understanding of resourcing requirements within MATs, turning the data and metrics into development opportunities. Use that data to have meaningful and profitable conversations with your Schools.

One system – connecting everyone, delivering excellence and without any compromise to educational standards.

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