I implemented Supply Clouds to help drive efficiencies for our academies whilst maintaining high standards of compliance screening, and raising levels of professional conduct from approved agencies. The value Supply Clouds brings is in the ability to enhance academy engagement with selected agencies, and utilise a robust, compliant process of communication and handling of candidate documentation.

In streamlining the booking process, we have achieved an effective, transparent working relationship with agencies where the academy has autonomy to work with who it chooses, whilst capitalising on time savings and reducing administrative burdens. As a three-way platform designed for agencies, the benefits can be seen by academies, agencies and teachers, and can be attributed to an innovative, cost effective piece of technology from Supply Clouds.

Harry Bond

Head of recruitment and Talent management, Harris Federation

Supply teaching is challenging enough. So, we are going to make it that little bit easier. We’re always looking for ways to improve our service, so we’re delighted to be working with Supply Clouds – an app designed to make working on a supply basis a less stressful experience – for teachers and schools.

Huw Jones

Operation Director, ITN Mark

I see Supply Clouds as the future for day to day and long term cover. Relationships with suppliers need to be based on quantitative output and they have been driving pricing for too long. Supply Clouds way of standardising our approach to collecting this sort of data will allow schools regain the initiative and alter the market place.

Gordon Cuttler

Recruitment Lead, GLF School

Having worked with, and been pitched, a variety of platforms, I can happily recommend Supply Clouds as a simple, functional booking system. Supply Clouds allows agencies and schools to streamline the booking process; whilst offering more choice, reporting options and transparency. Jon and his team are always available to provide clear support; taking user feedback on-board to constantly improve functionality.

Tye Wichard

Recruitment Manager, Strategy Education

At PK education we believe in fair pricing for schools and competitive pay rates for candidates whilst not compromising the quality service we offer. Supply Clouds allows working on a whole new technological platform that we would not be able to afford to do, if we want to continue to give back to our partner schools. Supply Clouds is built by Jon, who is an ex-teacher and has looked to provide a solution to spiraling costs and lots of agency usage. Supply Clouds gives PK education a platform to demonstrate our capabilities as an agency and show how we can partner schools to improve recruitment solutions. Supply Clouds allows PK education to do what we are best at, whilst adding value beyond supply.

Romilly Wakeling

Operations Director, PK Education

The response we got from our staff, who deal with day-to-day and long-term recruitment at our schools, showcases that Supply Clouds is the future of education recruitment.

Katy Bradford

COO, Outwood Grange Academies Trust