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Supply Clouds works with MAT approved agencies, forming an elite group of high performing recruitment agencies that stand out for their professionalism, fair practices and accreditations that ensure safeguarding processes and standards.

After 3 years in the market, we have teamed up with 37 MAT approved agencies across the country, which benefit from the technology that streamlines their everyday process while working closely with the schools.

Streamlining of the everyday operations is only one of the benefits MAT approved agencies have. The Supply Clouds booking technology has the greatest data collection mechanism to help you spot patterns, know areas to improve as well as access reports that measure your performance.

We live in the information age now, and metrics of success help businesses grow by identifying growth opportunities. Data and technology will let you change with the times and not be left behind.

Supply Clouds allows you to understand the future via patterns in data. It helps you prepare better for the times of the year that you need to be best prepared. You can identify where your resources will be best spent. And you will use the most innovative technology across any HR market that will future-proof and advance your business.

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