A sound gets you up. The time of the day highly depends on your morning habits. Are you a person who values sleep above anything else and tries to stay in bed as long as possible, waking up at the final minute and jumping right into your day? Or are you like me, you prefer to sleep less in order to get the day going the “proper way”, with a cup of coffee and some moments of silence?

The sound is there. A ring, the annoying continuous sound of an old – fashioned alarm clock or a song from your mobile phone. If you’re lucky, you probably have an established routine, follow whatever morning ritual you have and then go to work. And if you get an early phone call that invites you to a new assignment, you are most likely ready for that too, all dressed up and filled with anticipation and decisiveness. In both cases, you have to take into consideration factors as traveling times and transportation closures and incidents.

Let’s face it. The vast majority of people living in big cities rely on public transportation to reach their working place on time. And even the luckiest of those, who use a means that runs in periodical and predetermined schedules, often experience unforeseen conditions that create stress. The stress of lateness, that something beyond your control will make you be late, giving the impression that you are unreliable, that you can’t be trusted.

Traveling to work can be very stressful indeed. If you get assigned to a new school or academy you have to become familiarized with the route, the way to arrive there with public transport and on time and then try and execute your plan, hoping that everything will go smoothly. Sometimes the first impression you give to people that do not know you, heavily depends on your ability to arrive within the agreed time-frame. The fact that you can’t effectively control your destiny when you are stuck inside a bus that’s glued on the same spot of tarmac because of heavy traffic can affect your image, your livelihood, and even your personal relations. And for sure that’s cause for anxiety.

So how do you control your future? Do you decide to sleep for less time or drink half a cup of coffee and leave home sooner, hoping that this shall be enough to give you a smooth start of your working day? Do you calculate exactly when to leave so you can arrive just in time, gaining as much sleep or you-time as you can, accepting that delays are part of everyday life? Do you count on technology and the supply of apps that help you organize and plan your journeys, or are you old fashioned and improvise as you go? And does the chance of delayed arrival at your workplace affects you as much as it does me, or am I alone?