It is another typical day. You arrive early at the school, you set your belongings on the side and then arrange to cover the teacher absences. You managed to cover all internally but one. One phone call later, you have a supply teacher on the way, sent by the agency you usually call.

Time passes by, you are occupied with the rest of your tasks, until you notice the time; the teacher should have been there, but they’re not. You call the agency consultant. They reassure you, they will find out and let you know. A few more minutes pass and the teacher is still missing. The phone rings and you hear the familiar sound of the agencyconsultant, informing you that they spoke with the teacher and they should be there in a few minutes. You wait a bit, you realise that the teacher will be late, and then you need to make sure that the children are not left alone – you stress, you don’t know who to blame, and your day got off on the wrong foot.

Imagine the same process when you are using the Supply Clouds booking technology. A few mouse clicks later, you posted the vacancy to all the agencies that support your school. A little before you need to decide, you check and see many teachers submitted for you to choose, along with clear pricing and an attached vetting form. You assign the booking to the teacher you selected, and the you click on the map. “Mm, the teacher will be here in 16 minutes”, you think, while you take care of your other duties. You check the map on the Supply Clouds again. You can see where the teacher is, and you are certain that with the use of the sat nav tools that send the teacher directly to the school, there will be no lateness.

We are well into the age of information and technology, that is literally transforming our everyday lives. You can ignore technology and rely on what someone told you that another told them or click the mouse and get an answer based on real-time data straight away. Who would you rather be, the first or the second Cover Manager? Contact Supply Clouds today and try it out in your school directly and free. We will plug the system in, provide you with training and support and will be using Supply Clouds in days.

Try a more efficient way to start your day!