Welcome to the information age in Education. The Staff Booker platform by Supply Clouds has the solutions to help grow your business and keep up with the changing times.

One of the most striking new features of the Staff Booker platform is the Data Dashboard. This will be the most useful tool at your disposal and a key element that makes Staff Booker vital to every recruitment agency.

Data dashboards, in short, help you understand your current situation and better plan for the future ahead. You will be seeing all data in a glance – live data that are easy to analyse; historical data that make it easy to spot trends. The Data Dashboard makes all the hard work of the data processing, leaving you more time to act on your findings and achieve the results you need.

Identify habits of the schools you work with – which secondary subjects are in higher demand or times when it is the busiest. Areas you can focus your teacher resourcing in order to maximise your earnings. Repeat bookings that were the most profitable. You will be able to proactively spot any risks and opportunities, and profit based on the data obtained.

The Staff Booker is optimised to show you all the key metrics our team has identified as vital in order to understand your business, based on findings and analysis of the past 3 years that Supply Clouds is in the market. Staff Booker is the only tool available to visually track, analyse, and display key performance indicators, metrics, and other key datapoints, necessary to grow your business and increase your revenue.

Stay ahead of the competition and let the data do the hard work for you.

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