bulbIf you are an Education agency, you are already aware of the unique challenges that your business faces every day. There are many competitors, trying to get a piece of the same market as you are, and getting access to new schools and Multi Academy Trusts becomes a very tough and stressful experience. Even when your phone calls get through, you will most likely have to face cover supervisors and staff that either get pestered a lot from other agencies, or already work singularly with someone they are used to.

And you will rightfully ask; “How can I gain more business when it is already so hard? My agency is really good, and we do everything right, why don’t the schools give us a chance to prove it?”

There are 2 questions here, and they both can be answered the same way: Change your tactics, use a different approach, work as a MAT approved agency!

Supply Clouds works exclusively with MAT approved agencies. Our premier MAT partners select and invite the agencies they want to work with, based on high standards and performance. And this will add multiple opportunities to work with new schools that want to partner with selected only and data driven agencies.

Our system generates the data that can prove the quality and practices of your MAT approved agency. Using Supply Clouds will back up all your claims and you can take this technology to other schools, gaining business through the added value.

Add the Supply Clouds badge of honour to your agency and try a different way of gaining business.

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